It’s easy to see why the AirdyneX will be a popular and superior choice to have in your home or commercial complex.

The Airdyne has always been a great piece of equipment – it is the OG when it comes to Air Bikes!  The original Airdynes were part of the fitness boom in the 70s and 80s and have been a mainstay for a lot of MMA and Boxing gyms for conditioning pieces to provide an alternative to running.  However, when Crossfit came calling in the 2000s, people were looking to add some spice to their workouts other than rowing, and the Air Bikes were re-invented.  The demands that were put on the bikes in these HITT style wods lead to a lot of development to handle the intensity and heavy workload. Out of all of this development has come the Octane AirDyneX, perhaps the most durable and powerful bike on the market today.

This bike is a great piece of equipment for MMA, Boxing, and Crossfit conditioning in today’s landscape. It’s a great tool for CrossFit competitions because it’s all about HIIT training and it’s very hard to get people to go for a run – so how do you get competitors to perform a cardio block that requires zero skill and is all about intensity? By using an AirdyneX!

Therefore if you can only have one piece of cardio equipment at home the AirdyneX would be the go as it’s got a smaller footprint than a rower, and it uses your whole body in both pushing and pulling movements, so it’s great for getting the heart rate up. If you have more space, then a Xebex Rower would be great, or even a Treadmill would be awesome!

A treadmill is the most common piece of home workout cardio equipment but again, it’s got a big footprint, it’s a big investment, it can also require power, and has everything that comes with running – quite a high impact. Running burns the most calories, but comes at a higher cost in terms of impact on the body, so it’s always a cost/benefit equation. 

We will cover rowers and treads in our next blog so stay tuned, for now, let’s go into the benefits of the AirdyneX.

So, what’s really great about the Octane AirdyneX?

- Great for high-intensity HIIT workouts and HIIT blocks.

- Relatively small footprint – 140cm L x 66cm W x 135cm H, weighing 51kg.

- You can wheel it in and out of the garage, go outside, take it to a park & run the length of a rugby field then jump on the bike – the world is your oyster!

- Heads up display console – shows you all your key workout data such as heart rate, calories, time, distance, and it comes with pre-set programs, plus much more.

- It has been designed to burn more calories faster than any other assault bike because the AirdyneX unique fan and belt drive system. In short, it will hurt more 🙂 

- Self powered (no power leads!)

- Quieter machine because it’s belt-driven, great for at home.

    Some features you might not have thought about, that make all the difference:

    - The 26-blade performance fans. They’re situated in the perfect position, allowing you to get a little bit of air, getting the cooling effect without being blasted with cool air in the face, especially on those early cold mornings in winter.

    - Less time, do 10 minutes on the AirdyneX and burn the same amount of calories as a half an hour walk – now doesn’t that sound appealing?

    - In a competitive field, the AirdyneX evens everyone out. It’s not just a big pull – you can be big and strong, but if you’re not fit, you’ll suffer like everyone else.

    - The rev counter is motivating and engaging – if you put more effort in, the rev gauge ticks up and drops back down, much like a car.

    - Multiple grip handles make it super easy to rearrange your position and provide more comfort!

    The AirdyneX is a great piece of equipment for a home gym or commercial complex. To find out more visit our website here

    Download the AirdyneX Spec Sheet Here.

    Shop now, Octane AirdyneX – $2,995 incl GST.