Xebex AirPlus Cycle Smart Connect

The Xebex Air Cycle uses dual, enhanced Polygroove belts with a self-tensioning system. The belt-driven Cycle provides a smooth and quiet experience. We also utilized a FreeWheel Design to enhance your training, as a real road bike. A typical ‘spinning’ bike has a fixed-gear attachment to the flywheel. This means the pedals are directly connected to the flywheel and while the rider’s initial effort gets the wheel moving, the momentum of the flywheel helps the rider by propelling their feet around with the flywheel. This reduces the effectiveness of training and can be a safety concern as well. With the Xebex Air Cycle, the rider experiences a FreeWheel design that means when you stop pedaling, the flywheel continues to turn even though your feet are stopped. This forces the rider to use all the muscles in their legs to move the flywheel around, just like a real road bike. Besides effectiveness in training, with the Xebex Air Cycle – gym operators and trainers will offer a much safer training experience as well.

Assembly required.

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Additional information

  • Super bright, colour-coded backlight display.
  • Console designed for simplicity and easy viewing.
  • RPM, Distance, Calories, Pulse, Watts, Speed, and Time.
  • Colour-coded progress circle for easy progress tracking.
  • Colour-coded display shows Watts and Pulse zones.
  • Ability to see resistance level on the console.
  • Air resistance level colour display (White – left side).
  • Magnetic resistance level colour display (Red – right side).
  • Assembly required (please inquire if you require this built)
  • Net weight 57.6kg
  • AMSB-01-E

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