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Agility Ladder

Ramp up your training with the Agility Ladder, essential footwork training for all sports. Three lengths of ladders to choose from with the option to also piece two ladders together and get a longer agility ladder. The longer length provides a larger space and a more intense workout to improve your footwork, speed and agility. The Agility Ladder helps to improve and maximise foot speed, leg strength, coordination, rhythm, body control and overall balance. Agility Ladder training enhances acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction.



Additional information

  • Made of heavy duty plastic rungs and durable nylon for outdoor and indoor use
  • Maximum versatility – suitable for majority of sports
  • Lightweight and compact – comes with a carry bag
  • Available sizes: 4m, 6m or 8m long
  • Red/Yellow
  • Komodo

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