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Agility Grid System

More power, speed and agility in less time with the Komodo Agility Grid System. Developed to go beyond traditional footwork ladders and dramatically improve your dynamic agility through precise plyometric actions. Trainers and athletes use the Komodo Agility Grids for their bounding, jumping, and hopping exercises because it packs away small and makes for a speedy set up. The uniquely shaped octagon agility rings let you assemble countless patterns to improve footwork, balance, coordination and body awareness. Build ladders for footwork, grids for coordination, or create height for jumping or even burpees!

In stock

In stock


Additional information

  • Ultra durable plastic rings
  • Connector clips
  • Pack of six
  • Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm, 2.3cm thick
  • Green
  • Komodo

In stock

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